5 Things About German Women That Will Make You Cringe

On the subject of German women, I feel like I could write an entire book. Time however, does not permit such an endeavor at the moment, so I will confine myself to five basic points of my would be book which are total deal breakers, and make me wary of ever entering any serious relationship again with a German woman.

For the sake of clarity, I never kept a record of the number of relationships I have had with German women, but if I had to give a rough estimate from the top of my head, I think 10 is a safe, round number. 

Ostensibly, all of the German women I have been in relationships with appeared different, some were tall, some short, some prettier than others, but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that all of them were the same. Once you have met one German woman, you have met them all. 

Which brings me to number one on my list.

1. German Women Are All The Same For The Most Part and Lack Substance


It is really cringeworthy living in a country where virtually all of the female natives have assimilated the exact same programming and behave accordingly with little to no noteworthy emotional, psychological differences among them. German females literally consist of meat suits with varying degrees of physical attractiveness (or lack thereof), who all think and act exactly the same way their programmers have programmed them to think. There is no independent thought among them to speak of.

Specifically, German women have been programmed to reject the traditional male role in the family and encouraged to wear the pants themselves, literally, with the full, undivided support of Father State, of course. Radical feminism is a pervasive phenomenon in Germany and the hatred towards males and masculinity in the society is real and palpable.

Men are programmed to be wimps and losers, as their forefathers were, who lost both world wars. The state owned and controlled German media then promotes the beta male image as attractive to females through relentless advertising and media programming. The women are programmed to think they are attracted to the beta males, but subconsciously they are disgusted by beta male energy.

On the other hand, when German women meet an alpha, they see him as a challenge to be conquered, an asset to be acquired, and while they truly desire such men, their programming consistently overrides all other mental faculties, and they inject the toxic spirit of competition in the relationship. They will remind you that they hold the cards and depending on how deep you are in, you will have to decide whether to pay now or pay later once you realize the game is on. You can try to pretend that you are not constantly being one-upped, but pretending won’t change the reality and you will be confronted with some serious choices at that point. 

German women are programmed only to accept and submit to the authority of the Father state, which rewards them with radical affirmative action programs which install German women in positions of power and authority regardless of whether they have the appropriate qualifications. On the home front, women as mothers are granted “special protection” by the law which essentially gives them more rights than fathers in family situations, thus rendering men and women inherently unequal according to German law. If you are not cringing yet, you probably have never had children with a German woman or any sort of serious relationship.

They all dress the same, and one would be hard pressed to stumble upon a German woman with a truly original sense of fashion or style (if that’s your thing). You can’t really blame them since every German City has basically the same 4 to 5 chain clothing stores filled with cheap imports from Asia made with child labor and other exploitative business practices. The second hand stores which are also popular in Germany merely carry the used items bought from these 4 to 5 chain stores I previously mentioned and recycle them back into circulation. 

German women also seem to be afraid of colors. They will often either wear black and or white, which really makes for a gray vibe among them.

As German women only understand their state sponsored programming, they do not make suitable wives or mothers due to the fact that they generally won’t submit to the authority of a male, which is the natural order that exists among men and women as God intended. When things go south with her, she will drag you before the courts with her state sponsors behind her, and it won’t be pretty for you or your children. 


2. Plagued By Depression and Low-Self Esteem

For the stuck up, arrogant cunts German women can be much of the time, it would be shocking to some to know that most German women hate themselves. But to someone like me who understands the true nature of things, thanks to Divine Wisdom which is occasionally bestowed upon me, I understand that a condescending, arrogant attitude is merely a defense mechanism to cover up one’s own deep feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness. German women are cases in point. I have lived with enough German women to know that they have a need for regular compliments, whether they deserve them or not. I have been in enough relationships to know that when they are depressed it will be your fault or someone else’s fault, anyone else’s but their own. I have noticed that changes in seasons especially during daylight savings time in the fall and winter (Seasonal Affective Disorder plays a big role) and Christmas holidays are never fun. 

Overwhelmingly, German women are empty black holes. One German woman who I ended up having children with described herself constantly as an “empty drum”, and she is totally right. This describes them perfectly and no matter how much you try to fill them up, it will be in vain because they are empty drums filled with holes that won’t hold anything you pour into them for any sustainable period. All of your efforts to breathe life into them will be in vain and a waste of breath. 

3. Filled With the Spirit of Competition and One Upmanship 

German women are so insecure and greedy that they crave what others have. If someone else has it, that thing becomes desirable to them and they judge their own self worth according to their ability to attain things that they find desirable which are possessed by others. People are no different and men are often objectified by German women, especially foreign men. Radical feminism has taken such a hold in Germany that women have this idea that being a whore is progressive and socially acceptable. Obviously in Germany it is, considering prostitution is legally recognized and controlled by the state, but that just reinforces my point of how comfortable German women have become in their whoredom. After all it’s state sanctioned and approved. 

If you are looking for a partner, German women fail in such relationships because they seem to be overwhelmingly incapable of making decisions for the greater good of a relationship unless they receive a direct, instant and tangible personal benefit from any situations resulting from such decisions. Essentially they want to do what they want to do when it suits them with full knowledge that the state will fully support them in any event, with or without you in the picture.

You will pay either way getting involved with these women, the only choice you have to make is whether you pay now or you pay later. 

Yes, the German legal system is rigged in the woman’s favor as I have discussed previously and German women are very aware of their advantages, which is precisely the reason why they choose to engage in domestic competition in their relationships. If they felt that they had no unfair edge to lean on, they would never compete in the first place because of that low self-esteem I spoke of them being plagued by earlier. These are some truly cowardly, small minded and petty women who have no concern for the things that are truly important in life. They are easily manipulated by their patriarchal state sponsors with the promise of bare minimum financial security. If you ask me, German women are bought and sold cheaply by the state. Which brings me to number four on my list.

4. German Women Are Agents of The German State

Some of you who are not wise to the ways of the Germans and Germany in general may be wondering exactly what I mean when I say that German women are agents of the state. Well, I mean exactly that. German women will extract your resources on both their behalf and the behalf of the state if you are married and have children. Obviously they regularly legally extort their spouses through outdated family laws which have yet to catch up to modern legal jurisprudence, which holds men and women to be equal before the law, including in family matters. 

Courts are heavily biased towards German women especially in family matters. 

Germany has an inescapable demographic decline wound which it is suffering from, and while the mass importation of refugees and economic migrants may put a band-aid on the wound, it won’t stop the bleeding. Therefore German family courts place the highest emphasis on making sure all children born to at least one German parent remain permanently on German soil. This means that if you are a foreign male who has children with a German woman, you will be stuck in Germany (along with your income) until your children are adults if you wish to maintain contact with them.

Either way, just by having children with a German you have enriched the state and the mother more than you could possibly know, all at your own expense and detriment. In a court situation, the Germans will leave you scraps, if that, and give the German mother everything. Competency of the parent, or merit, or ability of the parents are not deciding factors in such court decisions. The only thing that matters in Germany is the German-ness of the parents. Whichever parent is most German will win and if you are a foreigner like me, you lost before you even began. As one can imagine, any scraps received by the foreign male parent will come at a high price when legal bills and court costs are taken into account. 

German women are hip to this legal con game and are often coached by child welfare workers and others in the system on how to successfully alienate the foreign parent and become a good agent of the German state.  Believe me, the blatant corruption stinks, but this is the grim reality of the nature of these German agent females and the corrupt system that binds them. 

5. Prone To Domestic Terrorism and Tyranny

My experiences with German women have taught me that resting in the cold heart of the German woman is a little spoiled brat dictator like Hitler, who had pervasive feelings of inadequacy. He was missing a testicle and sexually impotent, Thank God!), and basically had everything handed to him by his programmer, Dietrich Eckhard who was the power behind Hitler’s throne. Hitler ultimately acted according to his programming and was a domestic terrorist as well. Every German had to tow the Nazi line and the Nazi party was the only party allowed in Germany, it was their way or the highway.

German women have the spirit Hitler in them for the most part. Their whole idea of a “relationship” is centered around their ability to control you and how useful you are to them at the moment and whether you fit into their endgame, and where you fit in.

German women are also prone to bouts of uncontrollable rage where they go into full physical attack mode and are completely taken over by demonic energy. They want you to retaliate and physically beat them and will often beg for it. I never fell for it, because I’m smart enough to know what will happen when the police show up. She will play the damsel in distress victim role and paint me as “the big, black brute” and that’s all she wrote. You can imagine the rest in a German system of all places. It would not be a fun thing to endure. 

Engage German Women At Your Own Risk and If You Must, Proceed With Extreme Caution

German women remind me of the demonic Sirens of Greek mythology who appeared out of the ocean and compelled sailors to jump in the water to their deaths. They had a good song and dance routine, but ultimately, they lured unsuspecting men to their demise and ultimate deaths. German agent women are notorious for traveling around the world, especially the USA as aupairs and tourists and luring unsuspecting, unwitting suitors back to Germany only to lead them into their own destruction. 


Proverbs 12:4

A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones.


  • @donna – some people learn fast, some people learn slow, but blessed is he who ultimately learns. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

    @ curious Cindy – thank you for reading! Personal anecdotes are in store. As this is a new blog, I’m still trying to find my voice, but with each article I’m getting there, slowly but surely. Stay tuned!

  • Why did it take you relationships with 10 german women to come to this realization?
    if they were as bad as u claim, shouldn’t it have become obvious much sooner? just a thought.

  • Super interesting insights you share with us. I would be interested in hearing from your more personal anecdotes that highlight the points you raise further. Also would help me compare notes because a lot of the things you mention do ring similar in my experience.

    Curious Cindy

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