If You Are a Remnant of Israel and Become Ensnared by the Germans, They Won’t Let You Live

I realized long ago, in my third year of living in Germany that the country is unlivable to the extreme. The deeply sobering and simultaneously painful realization hit me like a ton of bricks. It was and still is overwhelming. In my vivid imagination I cringed at the thought of continuing to live in such a country for any extended length of time, and raising children in such an unbelievably evil and toxic society. It became crystal clear to me at the time that I was in a literal captivity which I became desperate to escape, and still am desperate to escape by all means. 


Upon this realization, I desperately began seeking an exit strategy in an attempt to extract my first German wife and our children out of Germany and back to one of the many warm, sunny and inviting locales in the USA. One major obstacle to my grand vision of my “American Dream” for my family however, was my first ex-wife, who was hesitant to relinquish her German state sponsorship and privilege, which I began to recognize as a recurring theme among these women.  


At the time, my ex-wife and myself had mutually agreed to end round one of what has to date been a colossal court battle, with rounds that will not likely end until my children reach adulthood. I foot the bill for the bulk of the battle however, while my ex skates along on perpetual legal aid and state welfare benefits (including that which come from my own pocket and are paid directly to her lawyer at times). My ex is also apparently entitled to unwavering support from all other parties involved i.e. the Jugendamt, Verfahrens Beistand, the judge, and at times my own lawyer(s). 

The level of corruption in Germany is absolutely mind-boggling. One is prone to ponder exactly how a historically proven nation of pathological pests continually goes unchecked and is allowed to perpetuate a system of blatant corruption while feigning democracy and adherence to the rule of law.

As usual, the devil is in the details, and once you realize this, there is not much more to ponder. Germany is one of those nations which has been sorely weakened by Lucifer, The Light Bearer himself. After all, we are talking about a country where Nazi ideology is openly espoused in the third largest party in Germany (AFD). The fact that such a party is even allowed to exist in Germany today is a testament to the fact that Germany is one of Lucifer’s strongholds in the earth. The Pergamon Museum aka “Seat of Satan” in Berlin is direct proof that Germans are a people in the firm grip of the Devil himself. 

(Germanic Luciferian Light Bearers)

The Covenant That Binds the Remnant of Israel in Germany and Globally 

I am undoubtedly a remnant of the true Hebrews of the Bible. Israel is made up of a nation of twelve tribes, of which the Jews are merely one. And the European Khazars masquerading as Jews today, while perpetuating one of the biggest frauds in history are obviously not the real Jews of the Bible in the mind of any learned, discerning individual. The indisputable proof of this Khazarian fraud lies primarily in the Bible. 

It was written and said in the Word of God that the people who profess themselves to be Jews would be impostors. The German Jews who dominate Zionist affairs today i.e. Rothchilds and their underlings, established an unlawful state of Israel which currently amounts to a Nazi, white supremacist apartheid state. God never established the current state of Israel and this is why there has been a never ending war ever since the German (Askenazi) impostor Jews established their unlawful state and began settling the land. 

A big reason why Hitler and the Nazis despised the German and European Jews was because he knew full well that they are impostors. Hitler definitely was fully aware that Negroes are the chosen people of God when he personally witnessed Jesse Owens beat the brakes off of his great, “White”, Nazi hope of Max Schmeling in the 1936 Olympics. I wish I could have been there to witness it, but I relish the thought of Hitler, The Number One Nazi drinking a good dose of bitter reality juice, served up to to him by a Negro who looks like me!

The original Jews were and still are by and large obviously Negroes, and I mean Negroes of the American and Caribbean variety who are descended from the transatlantic slave trade, as well as the indigenous Negroes who originally settled in the Americas i.e. The Olmecs. Africans are not Negroes, and while African and Negroes may be similar in appearance, we are not the same people. Negroes are Israelites who descend from the line of Shem, and African are Hamites who descend from Ham. To be fair there are Africans who are part of the scattered tribes of Israel, but they represent a small remnant and not nearly the bulk of Africans today.

Proof of our differences lie primarily in the Bible in the book of Genesis, as well as in Zondervan’s Bible Dictionary.


Now that that clarification has been established and I have made it clear that I am an Israelite bound by the laws, statues and commandments given to the Israelites by God, I can now delve into my current deplorable estate at the merciless hands of the Germans. 

I mentioned earlier that my first German ex-wife was a major obstacle to my escape from Germany. I also alluded to the fact that as I entered further relationships with German women, such as with my second ex-wife, who was also reluctant to leave Germany for the same reasons as my first ex-wife.


However, I failed to mention until now that the biggest obstacle to me was the fact that I was not obeying the Word of God. I was sinning and breaking the Lord’s commandments by even entering into marriages with these gentile, heathen German women. 

As a result of my sin, I had to fulfill prophecy and be condemned to live with the consequences of my sin for the foreseeable future, and these consequences include all of the grievances I have discussed in my articles on this site and much more. While the Germans definitely have played their role in my demise, so have I. I have allowed myself to be ensnared by their women, and in doing so have broken the laws and commandments of God by defiling His temple (my body) in marriage to German women. I humbly accept my fate and resolve to repent and drop these heathen, German women like the bad habit they are. 

I have brought these curses upon my own head in many ways, but I can say with all confidence that I have no further appetite for German women in any way, shape or form. 

DEUTERONOMY 28: 15-20 KJV 1611







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