Assimilate or Disseminate

If one does not assimilate he is looked upon as a deviate,


Being forced and compelled to integrate with a heap of hypocritical ingrates,

Even if you prove to be a good template,

Foreigners will never be accepted no matter how long you wait.

Expecting to be addressed in Deutsche while traveling abroad,

And being dumbstruck that most countries just don’t care, Germans are stuck in the fog.

Most of them you will find are as dumb as a log.

And they are what they eat which is mainly hogs,

They will lash out, and perform hit jobs with the tenacity of a Wade Boggs.


Living here more than ten years I have a sense of enjoyment,

That the Krauts failed to assimilate me despite their punitive methods of deployment.


The unspoken buzzword is germanization,

In order to resist this indoctrination one requires a firm meditation.

It doesn’t take long to realize the German way has yet to move from Barbarism to civilization.

By far the worst country I have had to endure in my present physical incarnation,

The only thing that changes among them is the face, never the actual dispensation.


Showing no gratitude while they rob you blind,

Only looked upon to be exploited for dollar signs,

Chew you up and spit you out is their modus operandi,

In order to feast from your flesh you until the moment you die.


Choose a German woman to bear your seeds

and she won’t even have to try

To uproot them from your life while she greedily grabs your slices of the pie.


To assimilate in Germany is to become their Slave,

And adopt their ways and customs which are far from wholesome, but grave

Like water on wood, after a time your existence among them will be staved,

Sometimes your demise may be imminent, others it may be delayed.

In any event their hostility upon your heart shall be engraved,

As well as their long, empty and frigid gaze.


Refusal to be treated as refuse will result in further abuse,

Think nothing of conciliation or calling a truce,

With such a treacherous people who with the truth play fast and loose.


The only sane move is to cut your losses,

They will only continue accumulate and accelerate and eventually crisscross.


A system which provides no mechanism for you to succeed,

And will inevitably legally kidnap whatever progeny you manage to breed,

Corruption, destruction, obstruction, this is the  German creed.

Build your house among them and they will destroy you until they own the deed.


The demand to fit in is a carrot on a stick,

Well suited for donkeys and mules, but by no means for those who are mentally quick and about them have good wits.


  • Dear Jim,

    Thank you for your comment. I pray for God’s blessing and protection daily, Praise the Lord!

  • Your observations are very accurate and very well presented! Bravo to you man for doing this blog. This is a great service to the lots of immigrants who live in Germany! God bless and protect you.


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