Breaking News: “Study Halted Into Racial Profiling By Police” - A Microcosmic Representation of the Larger Macrocosmic Issue of German Denial and Systemic Corruption

It should come as no shock to many foreigners of a dark complexion who have resided in Germany long enough to know that their skin color is a serious liability where the police are concerned, that Horst Seehofer, the gaffe prone Interior Minister from Bavaria has announced that he is essentially terminating the recently much ballyhooed commissioned study into racial profiling within Germany’s police forces.



As one of many foreigners who has received the routine, unceremonious third degree by German federal police upon entry and exit into Germany on numerous occasions, I can relate all too well to the countless stories of dark skinned immigrants being racially profiled on train cars full of ethnic Europeans, and being the only ones required to present documents to the police. It has long reached the point where I recognize that German police around the country systematically engage in racial profiling despite its illegality. As such, I take pains when leaving or entering the EU to never depart or enter through Germany because of the racially motivated hassles I have come to expect.


Essentially, the reason given by the Interior Ministry for the termination of the study into racial profiling by the police forces is that according to Seehofer, there is no ultimate need for it because racism is already prohibited by federal law, and since the law exists, it does not have to be separately examined.


And there you have it folks, “typisch Deutsch” logic (or ill-logic rather) at its finest (or at its worst). Everything being relative however, there is something to be said for the highly prevalent flaw which exists in many Germans, which is their proclivity to deny the obvious while simultaneously insulting the intelligence of more reasonable people than themselves.


As an outsider in Germany looking in, it is cringy knowing how Germans are so conformist that they live in a consensus based reality which is not based remotely in real reality. Their denial of the obvious even in more trivial things never ceases to stupefy me as their consensus reality usually strikes me as very contrived, self-serving and Matrix-like. Literally, Germany is swimming with untold schools of Agent Smith’s. Authoritarian clones of each other, they lash out and penalize whomever does not subscribe to their twisted, Matrix reality. Misery loves company.


But I digress, or do I?


The point being that Seehofer represents the typical German way of approaching systemic problems within the system, which is basically to deny that a problem even exists. There you have it, problem solved!




To anyone with an ounce of integrity, such a disingenuous method of problem solving as the Germans regularly employ whenever they are confronted by their own glaring corruption and shortcomings only adds insult to injury. And adding insult to injury is something that the Germans seem to have down to a science, no doubt due to their infamous love of sadism and schadenfreude which seems to be inborn.


However, potshots aside, it is apparent that rights in Germany only exist on paper and there is no legal mechanism available to the weakest members of German society to vindicate their rights in the event they are violated. Been there done that.


The police screw around foreigners in Germany with impunity because they are well aware that your complaints against them will go nowhere. Been there, done that. In fact don’t be surprised when you complain and the officers you are complaining against flat out deny the incident you are complaining about ever happened in the first place! Missing police reports? It’s as easy as that, problem solved! Been there, done that.


There is not even an ounce of willingness on the part of the German authorities to accept any kind of accountability for their corruption and illegal policing methods since they allegedly do not keep records of  race. How convenient!


I smell a rat.


Freedom of Information Is Not Recognized In Germany


German authorities know exactly how many foreigners are living here and from which countries they come from as well as their ethnicity.  It would be idiotic and foolish to believe that a country that requires its residents to register their addresses with the authorities is not fully aware of the backgrounds of those residents, who are all photographed, finger printed, and identified by ethnicity and sorted by the Federal Immigration Office by nationality before being granted leave to remain.

With Germany being a country which only began accepting any notable immigration from dark skinned nations as recently as two generations ago, even the descendants of those foreigners are easily traceable by the authorities. Hence the fact that it is preposterous to think that the German authorities, who have been known to keep meticulous records especially regarding race in the past, would conveniently declare that it no longer keeps such records in order to conveniently insulate themselves from accusations of systemic racism. The shameful thing is that people actually buy this crap and accept it, no questions asked. 

Currently there is actually serious discussion taking place regarding the idea that the word “race” is in itself racist and needs to be removed from the German Constitution. In German logic, this is obviously an Orewellian ploy to further hide those who are visibly non-German behind their cloak of legal invisibility and non-recognition. Once race is removed from the Constitution according to conventional German logic, there will surely be no further accusations of racism against the authorities because the word “race” will be essentially banned out of existence and once the word “race” ceases to exist, how could one possibly be racist?

The Germans kill me. Literally.

The problem is not the lack of statistics, the problem is that Germany is notorious for blocking and restricting access to public records and not making them freely available to the public, even upon formal freedom of information requests which is something that is normal in most developed countries.


Walter Keim, a German citizen who protested the endemic corruption in the Jugendamt, stated in a petition letter to European Parliament in 2012 that,


“German authorities both legislative, executive power and judiciary, do not respect the human right of access to public documents a precondition of democracy. Even the public, NGOs  and the press are not able to recognize the problem. This is unlike all other civilized countries, for example, Europe, OSCE and OECD and is not acceptable for non-Germans.”


But again, in Germany, freedom only exists in words on paper. Access to information is a human right, and despite Germany beating it’s chest and patting itself on the back on the world stage for their “respect for human rights”, there is no real evidence to substantiate this facade. Essentially, German politicians and technocrats would like the public to take their word as gospel. Otherwise, should you try to obtain any official public records to confirm or deny what the government is saying as far as files and statistical records, you will be stone walled by the authorities and given nothing to further your cause.


It’s so cringy that the Germans are that dense and they don’t even see that they have been down this road before and dragged the world down with them. Fitting, seeing that Germany is a drag on any sentient, empathic human being. It is truly no place for good men. It has the tendency to slowly kill your spirit and I believe that this is wholly intentional.


After all,


“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." - Ephesians 6:12

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