Dark Skin Is a Costly Liability In Germany

The fact that being of a dark complexion can be hazardous to one’s safety and personal security in Germany is something that is not up for debate in my humble opinion. No matter how safe Germans claim their country is, whenever a native German speaks about conditions in their country, one must never forget that Germans by and large live in a Matrix-like  simulated reality program which is not remotely based in reality. And they are skillful liars as well and not to be trusted in general. 

Due to their programming, German perceptions are warped and uninformed on the whole. Their opinions and words are to be taken with a grain of salt, as the only thing Germans are constantly truthful about is the fact that they still believe that they are a master race. They may (or may not admit this outright in public settings because they are well aware that such statements are reproachable), but ultimately, their actions individually and as a nation speak louder than any words to such effect the Germans may or may not speak regarding their delusional superiority complex, which is not based on any tangible evidence. German superiority is pure mythology created by them for their own benefit. 


Such a superiority complex as I have mentioned in previous blog posts is based on deep seated feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness, and as such is merely a psychological defense mechanism used by them in order to compensate or over-compensate for their glaring shortcomings, which are etched in the annals of history. 

Losers in two world wars, the “Sick Man of Europe” for decades, and continual beggar-thy-neighbor economic policies are just some of these glaring shortcomings that the world is aware of.

What most people are not aware of however, is the extent to which being a dark-skinned, visible other in Germany can be hazardous to one’s health and physical and financial well-being. Being dark skinned in Germany is literally like having an inviting target on your back and your forehead as far as Germans are concerned. I find that I am constantly targeted for abuse by German natives and am always expected to take it with a smile, as if such abuse represents some sort of natural order which I must accept.


To the Germans, abuse of dark skinned others comes to them naturally, but it’s not something I have ever been able to take lying down. Because of this I am constantly fighting off trumped up charges year after year and exhausting my financial resources in court fees and lawyer fees related to my defenses. 


Germans Are Cowards Who Receive Sadistic Delight in Abusing the Weak

Physically speaking, I am not weak. Mentally I am not weak either, however in Germany I am well aware that despite my physical and mental fortitude, politically and legally I do not exist. At the very least, I am positive that I have no rights in Germany which are bound to be respected, recognized or upheld at any level. In this respect, myself and others are extremely vulnerable when it comes to entanglements in their system. 

I say this as veteran of countless legal battles with the German state both federally and locally. I have never been convicted of any crime in Germany, but I have long stopped keeping track of the number of charges and cases I have had thrown at me. If I had to roughly guess, I have beaten around 20 different cases. Most of these cases were based on the fact that I had to defend myself from bodily injury or other sorts of abuse at the hands of some depraved Germans. I have the gnawing impression that Germans expect me to take their abuse lying down given the fact that it’s no secret that dark skinned people have no rights which can be actually vindicated in Germany. The Germans know this as well as the dark skinned population and it’s an open secret. Everyone just pretends otherwise and continues to live their lives without real cares or concerns in the Matrix which is Germany. 

I discussed racial profiling in Germany in a previous article in more depth. It is not widely known that in Germany simply looking like a foreigner and having dark skin is recognized by the courts as sufficient probable cause to stop someone and make an arrest. To make matters worse, any further incriminating evidence that the police discover after making contact based on questionable probable cause can and will be used against you. What I love about the USA is that they have the rule of law in such cases, and if legal and lawful probable cause is not sufficiently established by the police, anything they find subsequently after making contact with suspects is not admissible in court. As a matter of law in America, if probable cause is not firmly established, the whole case gets thrown out. Not so in Germany however and a personal anecdote of a recent arrest is coming up later in this article.

Breaking News: “Study Halted Into Racial Profiling By Police” - A Microcosmic Representation of the Larger Macrocosmic Issue of German Denial and Systemic Corruption


With that being said, I’ve punched many punch-worthy Germans in their faces over the years and have paid hefty legal costs for the pleasure. I detest violence, however I won’t hesitate to use it effectively to defend myself and my physical integrity against physical threats of violence both imminent and looming. And punching crass, disrespectful and racist Germans in the face just feels good whenever the opportunity arises! 

Germans will abuse you and start fights and when you beat them up they will call the police and press charges against you as if they are victims. Germans are victims alright, willing victims of their own delusional Matrix reality. 

Being Dark Skinned in Germany Means Constant Harrassment By Any and Everyone

I am under no illusions that due to my skin color, Germans from all walks of life, regardless of if they are rich or poor, feel that that they have a license to abuse me. In many ways they do, as I have never successfully convicted a single German in dozens of cases of abuse perpetrated by them against me. My word just does not mean anything in Germany. Regardless of the fact that I am more educated, more traveled and more cultured than the vast majority, if not all of the Germans whose abuse I have been subjected to from all social strata, when it’s a German’s word against my own, the German always seems to prevail. Corruption and white supremacy at its worst of you ask me.

Everyone jumps on the abuse wagon and rides to their heart’s content when that German wagon of mob abuse starts rolling. The Germans who don’t jump on will silently watch in order to avoid the attention of the mob, lest the wrath of the mob be turned upon their own head. Germans in the mob won’t hesitate to class other Germans who object to their mob tactics as traitors. The mob will even attempt to turn your own spouse against you if your spouse is German and happens to be with you while under attack. Don’t be surprised when the German mob attacking you in front of your German spouse also encourages your own spouse to join in the abuse against you on the account of your spouse’s German-ness. Germans must stick together after all in the view of the mob, regardless of whether it is your spouse or not. When these situations occur, they can be a moment of truth. In situations like these you can know whether your German significant other really loves you, or not. 

German Female Enablers, Freaks and Homos Who Appropriate The Black Struggle and Dilute It

When gays, trans, so-called white women and other freaks in Germany and elsewhere try to use their “struggle” to piggy back off of the Black civil rights movement and mix up this particular struggle with the agenda of “women’s rights” and gay rights, it makes my stomach churn. I find it lazy, ignorant and disgusting and disingenuous. The black struggle against white supremacy is not the same as the gender discrimination or discrimination based on sexual orientation. So called white women who complain of gender discrimination still have access to many other white privileges, as do the so called white gay and trans freaks who are the face of that whole movement. 

So called blacks on the other hand cannot blend in as other so called white groups who allege gender discrimination, etc., and at the end of the day, we so called blacks have to literally live in our skin and endure all of the abuse that comes with it on a daily basis. There is no hiding from it in Germany. Homos and freaks can blend in at will to the mainstream with a change of style or fashion.

Women represent an integral part of the racist system because they are raising the Nazis of each generation and perpetuating the myth of German supremacy to the generations. How could a German woman’s “struggle” be the same as the black struggle for justice and human rights? What do gays and trans have to do with the struggle against racism? 

Absolutely nothing. The whole purpose of mixing up all of these unrelated agendas with the struggle against white supremacy is to dilute the black struggle so that is loses potency with all of the freaks added into the mix. Now apparently according to the freaks, “gay is the new black.” Oh really?


I Was Recently Arrested For Trivial Crap, Just Because I Am Black

Earlier in this article, I briefly discussed the fact that German police essentially do not need to establish probable cause to control the populous, simply looking suspicious or having skin that is too dark has been upheld by the German courts as sufficient probable cause to detain and arrest someone. The problem with this reality for people who look like me is that German police will often stop us based off of suspicion alone and build their case as they go along. These types of policing practices are abhorrent and they reek of Nazi, fascist dictatorship which myself and others who look like me are constantly subjected to as a result of standard German policing practices. 

Obviously, such corrupt policing methods as the Germans employ are rife with unchecked human rights abuses, racism, and overall mean-spiritedness. These are the same Germans, mind you who will try to paint police as “your friend”! The German police are no friends of mine, with friends like those, you don’t need enemies. 


One of my areas of work requires that I encounter Germans from all walks of life and different social strata. While Germans can be very supportive of my work and often shower me with cold, hard cash, you can’t please everyone. 

One of the many hats I wear is that of an artist. I can make a living exclusively from my art if I choose to do so, so I am relatively good at my art.

But in Germany, all it takes is one person to take a disliking to you and what you are doing and all sorts of problems can and will manifest. Germans love to call the police on others, especially foreigners. There is always an underlying, implicit belief among Germans that dark skinned foreigners are always somehow up to no good, regardless of how above board said foreigners may actually be.

Like myself for example, I am a hard working father who is just here so I can maintain contact with my children, which is supposedly a simple, basic human right, but where there Germans are concerned, things always get complicated. I earn an honest living, and I am an introverted homebody when I’m not working. 

I am law abiding for the most part. The fact that minor weed possession can still cause you to be arrested in Germany should come as startling to many reasonable people considering the fact that prostitution is legal and operating brothels in residential neighbors with schools nearby is completely okay in Germany. But if you are allegedly possession of one joint that has less than .5 grams of weed in it, you will be subjected to arrest, especially if you lack the complexion for the connection. I mean to say that for any alleged offense in Germany no matter how trivial, it’s highly unlikely that dark skinned foreigners will get cut any sort of break by the police. The German police are downright petty and malicious at the same time. 

So I got pinched for allegedly being in possession of a minute quantity of marijuana. The reason I got searched in the first place was for something trivial also and unrelated to the marijuana charge. And while I am reluctant to divulge specific details of my arrest, I can honestly say that I got flagged by the German Keystone cops for doing something completely legal and accepted. I was actually not even committing a crime, but just being dark skinned in Germany is a punishable offense. So the police gladly detained as ultimately arrested me since they were already operating with common racist thought processes and their belief that dark skinned foreigners are always up to no good. 

In my case, my legal problems have been a self-fulfilling prophecy among the Germans, because they will make problems where there are none in order to fulfill their flawed perception that dark skinned foreigners are criminals looking for trouble.

Essentially the police were called on me for doing something which was not even a criminal offense. They asked me to produce my ID, which I did not have on me. Even after they confirmed my identity through my bank cards, they insisted on hauling me into the station to search me and do the whole nine yards. They must have seen my rap sheet littered with trumped up charges, none of which ended in any convictions, and insisted on giving me the third degree. Regardless of whether my record is “clean” in terms of no convictions, my long rap sheet is a very compelling reason for the pig cops to fuck with me, and there is no way I’m getting off easy once they have me in their sights. They are always determined to make me pay, undoubtedly just to reinforce to me how unwelcome I am here, and that they will do everything in their power to make sure I can no longer remain here.

So to make a long story short, the police allege that they found one little joint when they dragged me to the station and turned all of my belongings inside out and upside down. And while I was not charged for the initial incident which caused them to make contact with me in the first place, they did charge me for the insignificant amount of weed they allegedly found in my possession. 

It is during times like these that I sorely miss the good old US of A and the rule of law in place back home. The modus operandi of the German police is to make race based stops and build their cases from that point on.

God bless America! 

Obviously German police have nothing better to with their time other than harass foreigners and the weak members of society while further marginalizing us, ostracizing us, and pushing us to the brink. But if you ask them, they would be proud of their “police work” because they assumed I was a criminal all along and proved themselves correct by creating a case as they went along. As I mentioned in a recent article on my blog, “the German ends justify the German means.”


I certainly didn’t prove the police right since I don’t believe that allegedly possessing of a small amount of marijuana is even worthy of being a criminal offense worthy of an arrest. Maybe in a Matrix like Germany I am a criminal, but weed is completely legal back in the state I come from and many other states besides my home state. Yeah sure, granted, I’m not in Kansas anymore as they say, so now I imagine this is another case I’ll have to come out of pocket to beat.

Racial Profiling Is a Completely Normal, Accepted Policing Method in Germany


Although I am aware of the fact that my skin color puts me in an extreme state of vulnerability in Germany, especially concerning the police, I am convinced that even if I lived my life as a saint and, or did not know how to effectively defend myself against physical attacks and was willing to allow myself to be harmed and abused, I would still be treated and classed as a criminal solely due to the color of my skin and that nasty, old self-fulfilling prophecy the Germans have and use to burden the likes of people like me who remain in Germany with the wrong skin color. On countless occasions, Germans have created completely false complaints with the police designed to sink me with the authorities and drag my name and record through the mud. 

Germans are experts in creating problems for others and absolutely revel in it due to that little problem of schadenfreude they are plagued with, which I discussed in this recent article:


10 Things That Are Typisch Deutsch - A Foreigner’s Perspective


Schadenfreude among the Germans guarantees that they try to make my life and the lives of others like me a living hell, as this provides them with their sick, sadistic fix which they need like food and water to survive. Without dark skinned foreigners to abuse in Germany, the Germans would just abuse each other, and with Germany’s already declining population, the Germans will always choose to abuse a dark-skinned other and spare their own kind the misery and stress. The Germans understand this, and they desperately have a common goal of preserving their toxic culture, which is a result of programmed group-think targeted and applied towards the German hive-mind/collective consciousness. I discussed the German hive mind in more detail in a previous article:

The Borg as a Science Fiction Personification of the Germans


If You Are Not Already “Woke” in Germany, Your Nigga Wake Up Call is Just Around the Corner

I love reading the comment section of my site and appreciate comments when they are posted. For some bloggers, comments may be incidental, but for me, comment sections provide new ideas, and new ways to ponder things. I also am glad when I can empathize with my readers. A particular reader who goes by the name of Jim, left a comment recently which stated in part, 

You are certainly not alone, as all foreigners will tell you similar experiences but their level of disillusionment develops with time, usually takes a decade to actually understand the reality is so grim than projected. It takes a while and intellect to wake up from the German Matrix.”

I wholeheartedly agree with Jim’s statement about the slow awakening to the bitter realities of Germany which often takes years to occur. The majority of the so called “black” YouTubers who live in Germany and blog about their experiences living as visible others in Germany have not quite woken up to this reality and unwittingly paint Germany as some kind of utopia for people of color.

Personally, these vloggers grate on my nerves because I know they are speaking ignorantly about Germany because many lack the sufficient time and experience needed here in order to wake up from their illusion of an open and welcoming Germany. Many more vloggers are self-hating. And some of these same vloggers of color generate a huge amount of views on videos which obviously represent a false and misleading picture of Germany. It appears that most of the views on these misinformed videos are coming from native Germans living in Germany based on the comment sections of the respective videos. Undoubtedly, Germans flock to these videos in question in order to revel in the power of their BIG LIE they have been feeding the world about their “respect for human rights” and “welcoming and open, free and democratic society”. These disingenuous German viewers then pat themselves on the back and use these misinformed YouTubers as references of how “well” Germany treats its niggers, while wagging their crooked fingers at Americans and imploring us to follow the German example of inclusion! It’s so perverse it’s not even funny, diabolical in all actuality especially knowing that Germany is light years behind the USA in terms of inclusion and prosperity for all comers who are willing to seize it. 

The Germans watch these black Sambos and negra  bedwenches on Youtube with delight knowing that they are getting free promotion for their BIG LIE of a pluralistic, inclusive German society from an ideal demographic, namely people of color; People of color who either wittingly or unwittingly provide false and misleading information to the public about the true nature of German society where people of color are concerned.


When these black YouTube Sambos and negra bedwenches living in the German system publicly pronounce their love and infatuation with Germans and their waste bin of a culture, the Germans point at them and use them as a reference whenever they are called out on their systemic racism. It’s almost as if these ignorant vloggers of color are proud to be thought of as “exceptions” to the rule of foreigners having shitty, unremarkable lives once trapped in Germany. 

Stockholm Syndrome, anyone? 

One particular YouTuber who comes to mind goes by the name of Soldier Of Life. He is a so called so called “black” vlogger from the USA who apparently decided to remain in Germany after leaving the Army. Apparently he has a young daughter with a German woman whom he is no longer together with. As a result, he is doing the whole Jugendamt routine to maintain contact with his child, which he seems to be fine with. He made one video I recall where he spoke highly of the Jugendamt and how helpful they were. I immediately knew that this guy was off when I heard him say that. I knew he had no clue about what he had actually gotten himself into. 

Soldier Of Life has another video which has over a million views where he gushes about Germany and how he never wants to leave here. He was so sure that Germany is a paradise for so called “blacks” and he made it clear that he prefers Germany over the USA. I remember watching that video being disgusted and thinking to myself, “what planet is this guy on? He will get his nigga wake up call sooner or later.”


And what do you know? Today I was writing this article and my intuition told me to check his page to see if there were any new videos I could cringe at. I was actually contemplating writing an entire article about why he and other vloggers like him are doing a great disservice to people of color who may be misinformed and mislead following their channels.

However, to my surprise, Soldier Of Life’s most recent video was of him detailing a recent arrest of his in his hometown of Amberg, Bavaria. I could tell when I watched that video that he finally had his nigga wake up call during that arrest. 

 I actually empathized with this brother for the first time while watching one of his videos. I could tell he had woken up out of his deep slumber and the awful reality of life as a so called black man in Germany had hit him like a ton of bricks. I feel sorry for him, but at the same time, it takes something like this to jolt you out of your sleep if you are slumbering. He may not be completely awake yet because I did not hear him mention “racial profiling” once in his entire video, although the entire arrest seemed to be racially motivated by the looks of it. I have been there and done that with the police in Germany for over ten years, so it’s hard to convince me otherwise. In his comment on that video, a few viewers also alluded to the fact that his arrest was most likely racially motivated. 

I hope Soldier Of Life can weather this storm because I have the feeling that this is just the beginning of a downhill struggle for him now that he is on the police radar in Germany. Once he gets his name in the system, it’s all downhill from there, and I obviously know from experience! 

In spite of everything however, I would not change my lowly estate in Germany in pursuit of any sort of relations with the proud, arrogant Germans with their stuck up noses on their high horses. Let Soldier of Life’s nigga wake up call be a warning to all of the other sleeping Youtubers of color who try to paint Germany as some sort of paradise, because your nigga wake up call will come too!














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