Foreigners Speak Candid Truths About Germany (In Their Own Words Part I)

One of the biggest German shit shows on the internet, which has been airing since 2007 on is a very telling exposé on the rampant corruption, racism and moral degeneracy which are rampant in the modern day, post-democratic country of Germany.



     Since 2007, foreigners have been posting in a thread entitled “Germans are rude and oberlehrerhaftOberlehrerhaft roughly translates as a “know-it-all”, and God knows Germany is full of those!


     Oddly enough, the owner and author at is apparently a German whom I doubt ever expected that his simple truths about the nature of his own German people would turn out to be the German shit show it currently is. Apparently, this shit show of comments, which as of today number at 717 in total, mainly center around the fact that Germans on the whole are a very disagreeable and grumpy people who need “schadenfreude” like a fish needs water in order to survive.


     But let’s jump right into the most poignant comments, shall we?

     On December 23rd, 2019 at 7:27 am,

No Name said: 

Germans are freakin cruel, cold-hearted,mean,hypocritical & stubborn as hell. Dont marry them–ever…unless you want to live life of misery, heartache, & pain.


Adolf Says:

August 19th, 2018 at 10:21 pm

Germans are so fucking annoying. So stiff and super direct without any diplomacy at all. They bitch about small things and always follow the rules perfectly. And the language efffff!


Neindanke Says:

December 3rd, 2019 at 10:01 pm

one last thing.

they never take accountability for anything. Always externalize blame, play the victim. they are snakes.


Mr Mister Says:

December 22nd, 2019 at 1:40 pm

Can’t wait to see Germany collapse under the weight of millions of islamic refugees, toxic feminism, weak men and an exaggerately generous welfare system :)


Vomit Germans Says:

November 24th, 2019 at 2:14 am

a few more things to add

they can’t admit their flaw, can’t apologize due to their egos, are selfish and unbelievably stingy in all manners concerned (emotionally stingy, financially)..

self righteous lunatics, i hope this country implodes from within and think it probably will. Any country with this many degenerates cannot sustain itself and contains the seeds of its own destruction.


On December 8th, 2020 at 3:04 am,

Alejandra said: 


If you are a man looking for a wife or healthy relationship in Germany be very careful and take a long hard look.

I am foreigner woman living in Germany and wouldn‘t recommend to date today‘s modern young german women here. The nice, feminine and pretty ones are few and far between and rapidly married by men. They often have good backgrounds and were raised well.

The best generations of german girls and women are already long gone, it seems.

I knew some elderly german women and they had principles, sometimes very warm heart and were strong people.

Now they are materialistic, selfish, spoiled, very envious of other women and career-driven. They are more in love with their work and theirselves than with their man it seems. They act and dress butch in many cases. Difficult personality oh and did I say very envious? They grudge anybody anything, they are so unhappy people. They make everything a personal issue, and try to patronize you to be a feminist, independent, mannishly backward woman like themselves. Otherwise you‘re some kind of alien and they don‘t know how to treat you. German men are often more sociable and friendly than the modern german women.





On December 25th, 2019 at 2:36 am


SkilledFemale Says:


I dated a German guy who almost sucked the fun out of everything I liked: my favourite music, my favourite food, my favourite clothes. I left that relationship 10kg underweight and depressed.

It took me months before I could eat my favourite food again (that I had enjoyed since I was a child) and dance to my favourite songs without feeling guilty and ashamed.

They remind me so much of the Dementors from Harry Potter, who literally drain the life-force and joy out of everything they touch.

That whole experience has made me more guarded about protecting my identity from external influences, which obviously slows down the integration process.

It’s truly in the best interest of the govenment to reprogramme the populace into more pleasant beings. The domino effect of problems caused by the current attitude is going to be catastrophic and foreigers will obviously be scapegoated.

Mr Mister Says: October 18th, 2019 at 3:38pm 


I can’t believe this “thread” is still going on. 8 years of bashing Germany and Germans, so succintly condensed on one single page. A most entertaining read this has been, although I must admit that I didn’t read all the comments posted here. Nevertheless, I’ll gladly pitch in.


I spent almost a decade in Germany, a time during which I got to experience life in different cities. As such, I got to know different kinds of Germans. The fact that dialects and accents divide the country doesn’t really translate to significant differences in terms of behavior. Generally speaking Germans are indeed cold, machine-like, boring, insipid, tactless and rather void of the drive and creativity that’s madethe USA a great nation of innovation.

Some people might argue that American (for example) tourists or expats shouldn’t expect the nicey nicey treatment they’re used to in their own country. I actually agree with this sentiment. What I can’t agree with is downright rude treatment, the which is disproportionally common in Germany.


Some here have suggested that the language barrier is to blame. This is simply not true, because if a Germanrespects someone, the language barrier has no meaning at all. The thing is, Germans only seem to respect the Swiss and the Scandinavians. Everyone else is either an exotic thing kept close for the sake of entertainment and relaxation (the token Brazilian/Peruvian/Italian/Spanish colleague all Germans seem to have), or a possibly dangerous annoyance (the Turk/Arab/African).

If you don’t look Nordic you won’t get any respect. Poles are as white as they come, even “whiter” and more handsome than Germans yet Germans have zero respect for them. Asian immigrants, especially the Vietnamese, are commonly heralded as examples of total integration. Yet there are no politicians of Asian descent in Germany, apart from a man who was adopted as a child by German parents. This guy was never a prominent figure in his party. Turks have been living in Germany for decades yet their reticence to integrate might partly be explained by the treatment they endure by Germans, as well as differences in mentality and temperament that can’t be easily ignored, much less changed.


Germany is by all means a failed multicultural statement, and a country full of contradictions. A nation that prides itself in order and tidiness is known for the poor personal hygiene of its members. It’s not uncommon for a German to pick his nose and eat what comes out of it. Dirty, unkept nails are a common sight. Showering only a couple of times a week (if at all) is also common. The German penchant for scatological humor is known worldwide, as well as German pornography that focuses on that. Berlin is infamous for being a dirty city filled with cigar butts and dog excrement. It is also a cesspool of degeneracy.


Germans take pride in knowing things better than others, even if they don’t. Their animosity towards Americans is in my opinion the manifestation of a deeply rooted inferiority complex that stem partly from what happened during WWII. Americans pretty much had to teach Germans what democracy is. To this day, Germans don’t really have a constitution of their own.


Another contradiction regarding Germans is their tendency to criticize the USA while at the same time trying to Americanize their culture. Reading a text in German from a magazine or an informal text is irritating, due to the sheer amount of Anglicisms. Rap and hip-hop are EXTREMELY popular among Germans, it’s just that the German version of both music genres is a miserable attempt at being cool. Has anyone noticed that all German rappers sound the same? Same voice and accent? You can tell who Snoop Dogg or Eminem are by their voice. Try the same with a German rapper, or singer. It is a culture of conformism. Creativity and originality are not welcome. If you go to Berlin, you’ll quickly notice that the typical Berliner is inked, has a nose ring, likes yerba mate, listens to awful techno and is in an open relationship.

German cuisine is an absolute joke, but we already knew that.


I don’t really miss anything about Germany. Sometimes I even wonder why I wasted my time learning that horrible language that in a few decades will be spoken mostly in Austria or Switzerland, because as some of you know, Germans don’t like having children. But foreigners, especially those from the 3rd world, do. Add the refugee crisis to this constellation and you get a pretty accurate idea of what Germany is going to look like in, say, 20 years.


Most Germans I met were rude and unable to show human feelings. I kind of pity them: their history has been brutal and full of disappointments. Imagine thinking yourself to be the master race, just to be humilliated not once, but TWICE in two global conflicts. Imagine thinking you’re the best, only to be shown your place by gum-chewing Americans that you regard as inferior and “stupid”.


I don’t miss that country and I don’t even feel like going there as a tourist. I saw enough and in all honesty, there is little beauty there to be seen. The country is damn crowded and in the cities you feel like you’re going to suffocate. After so many years there, I only made one friend. A real one. I don’t even keep in touch from people from other walks of life that I encountered there. There was an invisible barrier that I was never able to penetrate.


In my personal opinion, if someone is fascinated by Germany, then that person has low standards or is easily swayed by things that shine. Case in point: for some reason it’s usually Ukrainians or people from eastern Asia that seem to idolize Germans. Most people from the American continent or Europe seem to dislike the country.


I rest my case.





 Stay tuned to Cringeworthy Germany for Part 2 of my new series, “Foreigners Speak Candid Truths About Germany In Their Own Words”.









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