Germans Have a Knack For Taking Cool Things and Making Them Corny

Granola bars were pretty cool, I’ve been eating them since middle school, and I was in middle school some years ago. But like the granola bar, once the Germans got their greedy, copycat paws on the American product, they made it corny.

Yes, the Germans are in fact “CORNY BIG”, as their famous American inspired rip-off product has indicated. What’s even more corny is the fact that at every turn Germans are constantly implementing overt Nazi, satanic images in their promotions (see the prominent  yellow thunder bolt symbolism at the top center of the image). 

Very nostalgic those Germans are, constantly paying homage to their Nazi heroes of the SS. 


You can take the Nazi out of Germany but you can’t take the Nazi out the German. Operation PAPERCLIP is a good example of this. And the drone like, un-creative nature of the Germans are the reasons why they can literally suck the soul out of everything they lay their culturally misappropriating claws on from Granola bars, to American movies horribly dubbed over in German, to boom boxes.

How did the Germans manage to destroy the coolness of such an awesome device like the boombox, which was catapulted to international notoriety through the emergence of the New York City rap, graffiti art, breakdancing and overall Hip-Hop scene in the 1980’s?

(Radio Raheem from “Do The Right Thing”)


Introducing The Ghetto Blaster

The American boom box became the “Ghetto Blaster” when it arrived in Germany much to the chagrin of American negroes such as myself who actually live in Germany. 

Again, this German wigger being used as a cringeworthy prop in the above advertisement does not fail to acknowledge Lucifer, the god of the Germans with his horned sign of Lucifer.

(Anton La Vey, Head of The Church of Satan Flashing The Horns Of Lucifer)

I was shocked the first time I heard the term “ghetto blaster” used by a German female acquaintance of mine, and I sort felt like I was being slapped in the face initially. Upon further explanation of the term by this particular German female upon recognizing my unfamiliarity with the term, I came to realize that Germans are generally a pretty ignorant bunch. 

Which leads me to the subject of “Black Music”.

The Deutsche Black Charts

Germany is a pretty unbelievable place in many ways, especially in the way that it’s natives are extremely dense. The Germans have an innate tendency to lump totally unrelated things into messy categories based on skin color for example. 

In Germany, the term “Black music” is all encompassing as far as music genres are concerned.  Anything from Jazz, Reggae, Afro-Beat, Salsa, Bossa Nova, Rap, Soul, any any other music created by so called Blacks around the world is carelessly lumped into one “Black” category, regardless of where the artists come from or their ethnic differences. To me this is just as silly as having a category called “White Music”. What genres would be included in such a category exactly? 

But I digress. Germans made so called “Black Music” corny when they began culturally misappropriating rap and being known for a bland, unoriginal style which sounds the same, regardless of the artist. To me, German rappers sound indistinguishable from one another. I won’t even begin with the subject of German gospel choirs, but take my word, these strange anomalies are pretty cringeworthy especially when hearing a bunch of native German speakers trying to imitate American Gospel choirs in English. 

Such awful mental images make me cringe. But there is no doubt that the Germans can and will take anything made in America that is cool and make it corny, “CORNY BIG” in fact!




  • Dear Jim,

    Thank you for your insight. I couldn’t have said it better myself and with you being in literal hell on earth for 20 years, I admire your capacity to endure! The rulership and gilded age of Germany is already in steel decline, I agree. The writing is on the wall and their inability to replace their own population will lead to a majority non ethnic German (brown) society in the near future and Germans as we know them will be but a blip in the annals of history. Thank God!

  • There are more examples of their ignorance:
    In general TV programs, night shows, news and common discussions, very often, Germans place all foreigners in one basket, totally disregarding the differences between political asylum seekers, refugees and highly qualified professionals. Historically, they only allowed manageable quantities of low-income labor workers from light-skinned nations like Turkey or South Europeans like Italians or Greeks, whom they could easily control and marginalize. The recent demographics forced them to open up more to foreign qualified workers, who are now coming but these folks do not take the degrading German shitpill and swallow without confrontation. The demographics have changed and are changing even more, but due to lack of government planning in past decades, the society was not prepared for the imminent change. The quick influx of non qualified foreigners made things worse. Hence, the beamte at Ausländerbehörde are also reflecting the backward, primitive, prejudiced and hostile attitudes, which ordinary people harbor. They show no respect even to the qualified professionals who are coming to benefit German economy. Systemic racism is prevalent in many institutions and due to the influence of openly racist and xenophobic regimes in other developed countries within the last 4 years, the German society has also become even more bold in being openly racist, but they were always unfriendly and hostile as a nation to foreigners. This has made things worse for foreigners in current times.
    Another example regards an article published in a mainstream German newspaper. The article itself was on curbing the increasing trend towards right radicalism in German politics, which is caused due to the quick influx of refugees between 2013-2016, but the heading was something like: ‘We don’t want “browns”!’. This was a reference to the brown uniform and the color of the Nazi party, but such a bad choice if words in a headline reflects high levels of insensitivity and ignorance to all the dark skinned foreigners who are heading to or living in Germany, who would not immediately be able to get the historical context of the word “brown”. This could also be interpreted as intentional word play!


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