Germans In General

In general, Germans are disgusting,

Duplicitous and double-dealing,

the feelings they elicit are repulsing.


In general, the Deutsche are disingenuous,

Dangerous and untrustworthy,

The cost of knowing them is precipitous.


Generally speaking, German logic is ridiculous,

Rule number one in their minds is that in all things they are the most meticulous,


As speakers of a fourth-rate global language, they fail to realize their tongue is really superfluous.


When among other foreigners in their land,

I am made to feel that one of them is worth more than a group of us.


In general terms the Germans are as slimy as worms,

Money grubbing and selfish to the core, they will seek to take you for all you have earned.

Living amongst them feels like you are human meat in a grinder getting churned,


(And questionable meat seems to be a favorite German treat, as Döner kebab shops line every street.)


One gets the feeling that Germans like seeing others squirm,

Generally seeing that whatever you have built they will gladly burn,

And go miserably about their existence while for empathy having neither a care nor concern.


Should any dark-skinned person fail to affirm,

These things I have learned during my decade long German sojourn,

While considering that Germans in general deserve to be re-learned,

Feel free to litigate an issue of human rights here, and see if court is not permanently adjourned.


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