Invisible Man in Deutschland

In Deutschland I am an invisible man,

The Germans do not see me.

Trauma registers prominently in the mind and residually in the glands,

inflicted by a population filled with malice and unclean hands.

Wildly cheering on from the stands the demise of their victims

which they threw to the lions without a care much less a second glance,

Onlookers full of frenzy while their euphoria is enhanced

As blood spills and lives are lost in a fully intentioned manner, far from chance.


A perilous journey where with the Devil one is forced to dance,

Besieged by Sodom and Gomorrah, unwillingly witnessing daily acts of bromance,


Necromancy and sexual deviance have the natives in a trance

And on the subject of undesirable races they have long maintained their stance.


But there is an Almighty God who will hold them in remand,

Whether they believe in Him or not, upon them He shall make His Demands,

And require full payment for their sacrilegious sins,

before they are damned to hell eternally under their father, Satan’s command.


Such egregious indiscretions have they committed which will be surely sanctioned,

Unbelieving idolaters who balk at the reality of an Omnipotent Creator and laugh at the mere suggestion.

Is the German nation on a highway to hell?

Definitely, without a question.

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” is one of many virtuous lessons

That the German society fails to grasp as they exist in their own self-absorbed dimension

Where Germans are masters over all others with a darker complexion.

But the stone that the builder refused and made to experience rejection,

Shall be the head cornerstone in the Kingdom to come, placed prominently in a magnificent erection in the center of Heaven.

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