Misery Loves Company

The amount of misery that exists among Germans in a small country like Germany


Is substantial enough to fill up both the Red and the Dead Seas certainly,


Schadenfreude is a word that describes the Teutonic twats to a T,

It’s ingrained in their minds like A, B, C’s

And they are like unto pests, wasps among the bees,

Like unto poisonous weeds among fruit bearing trees,

Like unto a sick body being ravaged and afflicted by disease,

Like unto  a spoiled brat who cannot be appeased,

Like unto a prisoner of their own wickedness who will never be released,

Witchcraft and all manner of evil is upon their hands, even the mark of the beast.


Like vampires of the night, they wait until the dark to feast,

The blood of the righteous and innocent is their favorite fare, and they are unclean as a vagina’s yeast.

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