The Borg as a Science Fiction Personification of the Germans

As a child I found Star Trek intriguing and quite often indulged in episodes from the original series as well as those from The Next Generation. Out of all of the antagonists in The Next Generation, the Borg was most intriguing due to it being the epitome of absolute evil. The Borg is a cybernetic, or a non-sentient machine which has a collective consciousness devoid of individualism and empathy. The Borg also has a compulsion to assimilate/integrate all life forms that it comes into contact with in order that the collective may grow and expand its influence. The mantra of the Borg is,
“We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile”.

(The Borg)

Sounds about German alright.

The Borg mantra reminds me of the innate German drive to assimilate/Germanize all who step foot on German soil while infecting all who enter Germany with the disease of German “culture”. But Germans being the failure of a nation that they are (economic beggar thy neighbor policies and Marshall Plan welfare which have enriched them aside) even fail at assimilating a large population of their immigrants. 

Angela Merkel’s declaration in 2010 that “integration has utterly failed” is a testament to another German fail.


It does not take much to deduce the fact that the Borg character is obviously based upon the German people and their world-renowned character of ill-repute and robotic behavior, completely devoid of empathy, which is seemingly linked to a hive mind of German collective consciousness. Evidence of this fact lies chiefly in the name, “Borg”, which is obviously a German surname. Additionally the actress who played the Borg Queen in the series is Alice Krige, a South African actress of Germanic descent. The etymology of the word “krige” is from the Middle Low German word, “krigen”. In German the word “kriegen” means “to war or to wage war”. The actors in big budget Hollywood are carefully casted in productions, where everything is designed with well thought out intention down to their very names.

The Borg ships are depicted as black cubes which are undoubtedly a symbolic representation of the god Saturn/Chronos.

(Borg Ship/Cube)


These black cubes which are essentially altars, are a display of Saturn worship and can be found around the world in Germany, Mecca, Manhattan, Australia, and Denmark.

Saturn is also called “The Lord of the Rings”.

In Berlin specifically, the flagship Saturn electronics store located on Ku’damm is a black cube structure.

(Saturn Flagship Store in Berlin, Germany)

Additionally, the logo of the Saturn electronics chain is an orange image of the planet Saturn placed upon a black cube background. Their motto which is surely appealing to Germans and their miserly nature is, “Geiz ist Geil!”, or “stinginess is cool!”. Only a drone German could conceive and muster such a drab ad slogan. In fact, when living in Germany one tends to be assaulted with cheap, uncreative ad slogans on a daily basis, especially in the large cities which are more commercialized.

Wikipedia states the following about Saturn,

“Saturn always had a negative, if not evil significance...Saturn is esoterically associated with man’s limitations, restrictions, death and decay. Traditional representations of the Grim Reaper originate from the attributes of the god Saturn, who held the sickle with which he slain his father”
Saturn of course also devoured six of his children when they were born, whom would later be revived and become the chief gods and goddesses who would establish a throne on Mount Olympus according to Greek and Roman mythology.  As Saturn represents the personification of evil, he has also been associated with Satan by Masonic authors such as Manly P. Hall and J.S. Ward.”


In Germany the Fraternitas Saturni or Brotherhood of Saturn, is glaring evidence of an occultic, secret society openly extolling satanic, Luciferian principles.

(Fraternitas Saturni Logo)

More proof which makes it clear that the Borg is a clear representation of the evil Saturnalian principles is the insignia of the Borg, which is a black cube with a red, subliminal design in the middle which contains the number 666.

(Borg Insignia)


The Borg insignia is a representation of a right hand making an, “ok” sign, or esoterically a “666” hand sign. The rings of Saturn are also present in the low, center-middle of the Borg insignia just for good measure. It is clear that the Star Trek creators wanted to leave no doubt as to exactly who and what the Borg represent. After all the Borg is gray as the German skies and the German city scapes full of dull concrete jungles. Spiritually the Germans are gray as well.

“Your Job In Germany”

The film “Your Job In Germany” also provides valuable insight into the peculiar German character as well. Produced in 1945 for the American soldiers who were going to occupy Germany after the war, it was meant to be a guide for managing the German natives once on duty as an occupying force. It was written by Theodor Geisel, better known by his pen name as Dr. Seuss. As an American of German descent, Dr. Seuss definitely understood the peculiar German character on an intimate level.

The film being the wartime propaganda project it was failed to mention the fact that the many of the high level members of the Nazi regime were debriefed and then later employed at the highest levels of the military industrial complex of the USA through Operation Paperclip. The Russians and the British also absorbed useful ranks of the Nazi regime into their own agencies as well.  Although this film is obviously a propaganda production, the points made about the German character and history ring true. The part of the film that is obviously biased and misleading among other things is the fact that Hitler is portrayed as a skilled, smart, strong leader and not as the drug addicted, sexually deviant and demonically possessed puppet of the British intelligence services which he actually was.

In this film the narrator makes some very poignant points about the Germans, which are points that only an individual who has spent a considerable amount of time among them would only begin to comprehend.  In the film the narrator states,

“The Nazi Party may be gone, But Nazi thinking, Nazi training and Nazi trickery remain. The German lust for conquest is not dead, it has merely gone undercover. Somewhere in this Germany are storm troopers by the thousands, out of sight, part of the mob, but still watching you and hating you.  Somewhere in this Germany there are two million ex-Nazi officials out of power, but still in there. And thinking, thinking about next time. Remember that only yesterday every business,  every profession was part of Hitler’s system. The doctors, technicians, clock makers, postmen, farmers, housekeepers, toy makers, barbers, cooks, dock workers. Practically every German was part of the Nazi network.
Guard particularly against this group, these are the most dangerous; the German youth. Children when the Nazi party came into power, they know no other system than the one that poisoned their minds. They are soaked in it.  Trained to win by cheating, trained to pick on the weak. They have heard nothing of free speech or free press. They were brought up on straight propaganda, products of the worst educational crime in the entire history of the world.
Practically everything you believe in,  they have been trained to hate and destroy.  They believe that they were born to be masters, that we are inferiors and designed to be their slaves. They may deny it now,  but they believe it and will try to prove it again. Don’t argue with them, don’t try to change their point of view. ...Every German is a potential source of trouble. Therefore there must be no fraternization with any of the German people. The German people are not our friends. You will not associate with German men, women or children. You will not associate with them on familiar terms, either in public or in private.  You will not visit in their homes, nor will you ever take them into your confidence. However friendly, however sorry, however sick of the Nazi party they may seem, they cannot come back into the civilized fold just by sticking out their hand and saying, ‘I’m sorry’. Sorry, not sorry they caused the war, they are only sorry they lost it....Trust none of them. Some day the German people might be cured of their disease, until that day,  we stand guard!”

In light of the fact that many Germans are aware that they remain to this day, a country occupied by foreign powers led by the USA in terms of a military presence complete with bases and boots on the ground, there is a strong, palpable resentment among the German volk towards the USA as well as Britain and Russia to a lesser extent. The typical German has no end to his criticism of the USA especially, but behind this usually harsh criticism is a deep seated sense of envy and jealously.  Many Germans secretly or openly love the USA and the prosperity and culture that is represents, but many are ashamed to admit it out of fear of shattering their collective and willful illusion that Germany is the best country in the world. They envy the “American” way of life and try to imitate it, badly as they do, as much as possible in Germany. Such bad imitation on their part is quite embarrassing as an American to say the least and it is very telling with respect to the extent that Germans in general completely lack any sense of self-awareness when they can’t see how hypocritical and ridiculous it is of them to criticize what the USA represents while they copy Americans at every opportunity. This dynamic goes back to the Borg analogy and the complete lack of self-awareness on the part of individual drones ìn German society who are connected to the German collective hive mind.


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