The Duplicitous Deutsch

The German frau Will Break Her Vows,

 A Typical Teutonic Child is Truly Terribly Vile,

 The German man is not the head of his house,

 What unifies this vain volk is the Sieg Heil

The Father State “Sick Man of Europe” reigns supreme,

Standing above and mashing underfoot the individual rights of human beings,

Maintaining a diabolical system designed to undermine

The dignity and lives of foreigners every step of the way, all the time.

Especially those foreigners who do not epitomize, “Brother can you spare a dime?”,

These self starting immigrants particularly are made to pay the heftiest fines,

If you are what you eat then the Teutons are surely swine,

As the hog is the most treasured food among them, a favored staple upon which they regularly dine.

Among the entire population of these heathens one would be hard pressed to find

A single, solid soul of sincerity and sound mind,

One of the most disastrous things one can do with a German is become intertwined,

Do so at your own risk and peril for if you do, your life will be on the line.

For intimacy with these persons have no desires or designs,

Ultimately if you do you will eventually be discarded and forced to resign,

To these words of wisdom let thine ears be inclined.

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